The Financial Cost of Smoking

Financially, smoking burns a hole in your pocket, draining hard-earned money on a habit that offers you no return on investment. I’ve had married clients who together are spending more than $30,000 a year on cigarettes – this is money that has literally GONE UP in SMOKE.
Money that could be used to pay off mortgages in half the time freeing up future earnings for investments that can set you up for retirement.

Money that could be spent every single year creating life-long memories going on overseas holidays or taking a trip around Australia with the family.

Money that can be used to upgrade motor vehicles, renovate your home or help out your children. The list is endless.

The Health Cost

Beyond the immediate expense of purchasing cigarettes, there’s a cascade of long-term financial burdens, from increased health care costs to potential loss of income due to illness.
On the health front, smoking takes a heavy toll, silently eroding vitality and well-being. It’s not just about the risk of cancer; smoking is linked to a myriad of health issues, from respiratory diseases to cardiovascular problems, compromising quality of life and shortening your lifespan.

How Smoking Affects Your Appearance

Beyond the telltale signs of yellowed teeth and fingers, smoking also accelerates aging, often making you look older than younger family members and friends. The repetitive motion of puckering lips and squinting eyes while smoking contributes to the formation of wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, commonly known as “smoker’s lines” and “crow’s feet.” Additionally, smoking reduces blood flow to the skin, depriving it of oxygen and vital nutrients, resulting in a dull appearance.

Cost of Smoking on Your Apperance
Identical Twins with Non Smoker on Left and Smoker on Right

The Social Cost of Smoking

No longer socially acceptable, smoking chips away at dignity and social standing, straining relationships and limiting opportunities with employers who are less inclined to pick smokers who require regular breaks. The linger smell of smoke clings to clothes and breath, subtly isolating smokers from non-smokers and tarnishing first impressions. In a world where health-consciousness and clean living are increasingly valued, smoking can undermine personal esteem and hinder social acceptance.

Cost to Your Self Esteem

Many clients come to me wanting to quit with feelings of shame and embarrassment that they have been unable to ditch what others consider to be a dirty habit. The are often self-conscious about their appearance and how they are perceived by others for continuing to smoke. They’re embarrassed about the smell of smoke on their clothes and breath and often go to great attempts with mints, and perfumes to avoid detection. Also being well aware of the health risks associated with smoking can weigh heavily on self-esteem, as individuals often struggle with feelings of guilt or inadequacy for engaging in a habit that harms themselves and potentially those around them. Over time, these factors can chip away at self-worth making it harder to feel confident and comfortable in one’s own skin.
The true cost of smoking extends far beyond the purchase price. It’s a multi-faceted burden that drains finances, undermines your health, your appearance and chips away at your dignity and social standing.


How I Can Help You

Smoking is not as addictive as you’ve been led to believe. Millions and millions of people across the globe have successfully quit smoking and you can too. Often the reason that some people find it more difficult to quit than others is due to a subconscious block. I’ve experienced clients with all kinds of blocks stemming from a belief about gaining weight if they quit or not being able to control anxiety, right through to beliefs that smoking is a connection to a loved one that they will lose if they no longer smoke.

The process I use is extremely powerful as it allows you to get to the root cause of why it is you’re continuing to smoke despite all the reasons why you should give up and/or why you’ve failed in previous attempts to give up. I then use a variety of techniques to overwrite subconscious beliefs and empower you to become and stay a non smoker. Find out more about the process here.
TODAY IS THE DAY to start reclaiming your money, your life and your dignity.


The Cost of Smoking

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