I am passionate about your transformation and helping you to harness all that is within you to enable you to live a life of perfect health, abundance and happiness, as is everyone’s birth right. Let me help you move past all that is holding you back and step into the life you dream of.

Do you want to change career paths or find a new, loving relationship but you’re lacking in confidence?
See your potential to be a leader in your field but you have a fear of public speaking or addressing large groups?
Is an addiction or weight issue preventing you from being the person you really want to be?
Are you experiencing health issues that are affecting your quality of life?

The wonderful news is that all of these problems and many many more can be successfully overcome, often in just one to three sessions with me. How is this possible you say? No, I am certainly no miracle worker. In fact I wont’ be doing the work at all, I am just the facilitator, all the incredible healing and changes are going to come from you  – by harnessing the incredible power of your brilliant sub conscious mind.

You may have read dozens of self development books, tried affirmations, self hypnosis and many other techniques in the past to help reprogram your mind. But the key to the revolutionary process I use is determining the core belief that lies at the root of your problem which is often not what you thought. It also uncovers self-sabotaging behaviours and why you have them. This creates a deep level of insight and understanding into why you feel and behave the way you do. This is integral to the healing process and something that can be quite difficult to do on your own. We then replace your limiting and damaging beliefs with positive, beneficial ones, in a rapid and powerful way that helps you to crate new neural pathways that will affect permanent, lasting change in your life.

More About Me

I developed a personal interest in alternative and natural therapies at a very young age, experiencing and understanding first hand the Mindy Body Connection and how integral your mindset is to healing.  Although I had a strong personal interest in self development the majority of my career has been spent in business. I was born with an entrepreneurial spirit you see, so I’ve started and run large media companies, publishing companies, art dealerships dealing with world renowned artists, developed beauty products and even owned an ISP back in the old  dial-up days!

Over the years I have experienced, and overcome, a myriad of issues both of a personal and business nature, some that have taken me to the darkest depths of my soul – from family & relationship issues, business fraud that drove me to the verge of bankruptcy, to the death of loved ones. I’ve also supported others close to me through mental and physical illnesses and addiction and as a result I became very interested in the human condition and what allowed some people to rise above incredible adversity and thrive whilst others seemed incapable of moving past what on the surface would appear to be relatively simple problems.  I generated an interest in neuroscience, particularly neuroplasticity and epigenetics which has now proven that environmental conditions and behavior’s directly affect gene expression. This totally contradicts previous science that suggested genes were set in stone.

When I discovered the work of Marisa Peer and how she has assisted clients to overcome problems from simple fears and phobias to complex trauma and debilitating ‘genetic’ illnesses, through her revolutionary technique RTT®  – I knew that this was the answer. Having learned that your brain is in an alpha state and absorbing information from a young age from your experiences and surroundings that essentially create ‘your program’ it’s only logical that this is where we need to go to create the change.

Since becoming a qualified RTT® practitioner I have seen incredible transformations in my own clients, witnessing first hand the power of this technique to facilitate all kinds of healing and I can’t wait to help you too. Book a complimentary introductory call with me to find out more.

I look forward to talking with you soon.

Love & Light
Kandi xxx


I have a commitment to continued and ongoing professional training & development and am a member of the following regulatory bodies: