Smash Your Goals in 2024

Are you tired of setting the same goals and new year’s resolutions year after year?

The good news is, you’re not lazy, and you’re not lacking in motivation or discipline. Most likely you have some sub-conscious blocks that are holding you back from attaining what it is that you want to achieve. Subconscious blocks are programs that are usually set in early childhood that are frequently designed to protect you but later in life can work against you, stopping you from achieving your goals.

I specialise in helping clients to uncover and release subconscious blocks, and I am offering this transformative hypnosis to help overwrite negative programs associated with achieving goals completely free of charge.

This is an extremely powerful hypnosis that will rewire your brain for success, overwriting subconscious beliefs and self-sabotaging behavior to enable you to effectively set and achieve all your goals.

How Does it Work?

Download the FREE audio file and listen to the recording every day for a minimum of 28 days. Your mind learns by repetition, and this recording is designed to overwrite old negative belief patterns, replacing them with new powerful beliefs that will transform you into a goal-kicking superstar! The audio will instill the confidence you need to reach for your goal, it will help you with motivation, focus, and commitment, ensuring you take the necessary steps to achieve every goal you set. This recording can set you on a whole new trajectory toward a life of success, fulfillment and happiness. It is best to listen as you go to sleep or as you wake up, at this time your brainwaves have slowed down and are in a theta state where your subconscious mind is more accessible. If you can listen both morning and night, then even better! The audio is most effective if you have a clear goal in mind and know what you need to do to achieve it. To help you define your goal see tips below on setting SMART goals.

Setting SMART Goals

Set SMART goals. SMART goals are:

SPECIFIC: Your goal needs to be specific, e.g. not simply - I want more clients, how many more clients? What kind of clients? By when?

MEASURABLE: If your goal is to get fit, how are you going to measure that? Will it be how far you can run, will it be measured by how strong you are, or your body fat ratio?

ATTAINABLE: Dream big by all means, but if your goal is not realistically attainable, you will have trouble convincing yourself that it's possible. As an example, if you set a goal to earn half a million dollars by June and your current income is 0 with no job or business opportunity, then you may need to consider lowering your goal.

RELEVANT: Your goal must be meaningful and relevant to you. If the goal does not hold significant value to you, it’s likely you won’t stick to it. Ensure it hhas meaning, eg; I want to increase my revenue by 20%, work out exactly what that 20% will mean to you, will it equate to being able to have more time off to spend with family? Will it mean being able to save more to have money in the bank to cover unexpected expenses equating to less stress? Ensure you understand what that means.

TIME BOUND: Your goal must have an end date. By what date do you want to achieve the goal, you must have a clear date in mind in order to know what steps you need to take to reach that goal.



I am a coach, certified Hypnotherapist & RTT® Therapist & will help you eliminate all that is holding you back to live the life you dream of & deserve.



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