Lynn O

Success Block / Feeling Unable to Move Forward, , UK

Trauma from various life experiences were significantly holding me back from living my desired life. I knew I was in dire need of some help and Kandi truly became my life saviour. I really wanted to get to the root cause of why I felt like I did. I loved working with Kandi who is a phenomenal therapist. She clearly outlined the RTT process and made me feel safe, understood, heard and optimistic from the get go. I released a lot during the process and quickly understood where and when a lot of the issues came from. Kandi skilfully and carefully guided me and brought in additional tools (as part of the RTT method) to help me interrupt and rewire new information into my mind.

The transformation recording was so soothing as Kandi has a very soft, compassionate and encouraging voice. Since our session, I have made significant progress in my life – less anxiety and more joy in taking steps everyday to design the life I want with phenomenal confidence. Thanks Kandi