Suzie A

Trauma / Eyesight / Weight Loss, , Western Australia

I am a survivor of ritualistic abuse and heavily focused on healing my trauma.
I have completed two sessions of RTT with Kandi with the intention of recovering my memories.

The two sessions focused on:
1. My eyesight. I lost part of my right eye vision several years ago and wear trifocals.
2. My weight. Due to compromised immune system I have gained 30 kilograms and no amount of dieting has made a difference to losing weight.

Since the sessions I am now able to read text from my iphone which is the small screen version WITHOUT glasses. I normally never take my glasses off and now have extended periods of time without wearing glasses.

During that session I gained clarity about when my abuse started and my Mother’s role in the abuse. I released the emotion that I felt as a child who did not have protection from evil as well as the confusion I felt about my Mother. I have spent my entire life carrying her trauma and not experiencing my own. This has been enormously liberating. I am now clear she was psychologically damaged. Furthermore, I am clear that my abusers did not succeed in breaking me. This has altered my experience of myself at a cellular level.

In the session focused on my weight it was really clear that my weight is directly correlated to my need to protect myself from hurt. It is also linked to my doubting my discernment as to whom I can trust. Since the session I have gone on a diet where I have shed 10 kilograms. I am now focusing my attention on eating mindfully and only eating food that is nourishing. One of the brain patterns that I am interrupting which was highlighted in the session is having to eat everything on my plate. My body is not a rubbish bin, my body is my sacred vessel. I am effortlessly choosing to eat only what I feel nourishes me.

I have experienced profound safety and trust in embarking on such difficult and challenging life experiences with Kandi’s guidance and care. As someone who has worked in the transformational field of personal development and leadership I am well versed in understanding myself and others. I have worked with thousands of people over 20 years. I do not say this lightly. Kandi is someone whom authentically is caring and committed to her client achieving an outstanding result from their RTT session. I highly recommend her to those who wish to heal their trauma no matter how big or small.

Suzanne Maree Atwell , Survivor Satanic Ritualistic Abuse