Alicia F

Confidence, Career Success, , Brisbane

I was left with profound confidence issues after experiencing bullying in my workplace. I had become a shadow of my former self and although I knew what I was capable of, I was unable to move forward in my career. I felt stuck and disappointed in myself for being unable to move past the past despite extensive counselling and self development work which included meditation, daily visualisations and affirmations – literally nothing was working. It was not until I was referred to Kandi that I had a breakthrough. I truly believe your subconscious mind is the key to your happiness. During the session Kandi was able to help me identify a hidden belief that I was completely unaware of it. It was actually quite shocking but at the same time made perfect sense. as a result I felt instantly ‘unblocked’. Since my session I have started a new role with a wonderful supportive company, I have more life / work balance and I am earning over $40k more per year. Kandi is a brilliant therapist, coach and human, and I cannot recommend this process highly enough.