Understanding subconscious blocks, how to determine if you have one and how to overcome them. 

Many people have heard of subconscious blocks but most would be surprised to hear that nearly all of us have them. Have you ever wondered why you keep ending up in the same situations over and over? Or why there are some areas of your life that you just seem unable to make progress in, no matter how hard you try?

This is most frequently the result of a subconscious block.

How does your subconscious work?

Your subconscious stores patterns, habits, and automatic reactions that allow you to do all sorts of incredible things such as walking, talking, riding a bike and driving a car without having to consciously think about how to do it. It’s incredibly powerful and influences our daily lives in many ways, playing a crucial role in how we perceive the world, as it filters incoming information and interprets it based on past experiences.

What is a subconscious block?

A subconscious block is a belief or pattern of behaviour that is creating a response that is contrary to your conscious choice. These mental roadblocks are usually formed during early experiences, and are usually designed to protect you from pain or hurt.

Examples of subconscious blocks I have uncovered in clients;
Fertility Block
My client had been trying to get pregnant for years. She had nothing substantially wrong with her that was causing her infertility. During our session we were able to uncover a hidden belief that children were difficult and caused marital breakups. This was based on her own childhood experiences. She loved her husband and didn’t want a child to break up their marriage. Subconsciously she was blocking herself getting pregnant.

Weight loss Block
My client was unable to lose weight. She was well informed of healthy eating, exercising and how to maintain a healthy weight she simply could not get the weight to budge. Our session revealed that she connected being larger and ‘chubby’ to receiving love and affection, with both her mother and grandmother referring to her in childhood as their cuddly one.

Success Block
This client had an inability to sell to her clients in her salon. Even when she knew a product could benefit a customer she was unable to mention it and was resistant to putting herself on social media although she very much wanted to promote her makeup techniques. She felt it was a confidence block but during the session we uncovered that she had a strong desire to never be a like a disliked relative who was showy and successful and pushed her products onto other family members.

How does your subconscious block you from achieving your goals?

Just as the name suggests, your subconscious functions at a level below your everyday awareness. Your mind is like a mega computer and the operating system of that computer starts being created from a very early age. If you try to install an application that has been designed for a PC on a computer with a MAC operating system it simply won’t run. This is essentially what happens when you try to run a program – let’s say a new fitness routine, and your subconscious has an operating system that doesn’t support it. Just like a computer, the program will crash or it won’t work the way you wanted it to.

How to determine if you have a subconscious block?

If you are consistently attempting something but just can’t seem to ever get there e.g. you are trying to save money for a house deposit and you get close to reaching the value you need but then something occurs which requires you to dip into your savings over and over, or you have an unjustifiable resistance or extreme response to a particular task or subject, you most likely have a subconscious block.

Unlike a computer however, your subconscious doesn’t make it easy for you by telling you what operating system it is running. In fact, it often does everything it can to conceal it from you, because you see, your subconscious thinks it knows best. Its aim is to keep you safe, keep you alive and away from what it believes will result in pain and suffering. So, it frequently will conceal the real block amongst other beliefs. I have had many clients come to me quite certain about what their block was, e.g. a woman who kept going for married and unavailable men. She felt she had commitment issues due to a fear of being rejected as her mother had been by her father. However, going deeper, her block was actually a fear of being tied down to the town she resided in, as she had always felt not leaving there would mean she had failed in life.

Many of these beliefs are formed at a very young age before you have the emotional maturity to rationalise them – in fact I have had clients with blocks that were formed in utero!

A session with me will help you to get to the root cause of your problem and uncover the subconscious blocks and hidden beliefs that are holding you back. Book a complimentary discovery call to find out more.

Overcoming subconscious blocks

Once you are aware what the block is, it’s a lot easier to move past it. Often just finding out where the block originated can result in an instantaneous change. A client with a drinking problem, realised that his resistance in giving up drinking was a result of his fathers repeated comments as a young child that he didn’t trust a man who doesn’t drink. Processing this as an adult he realised that the comments were possibly not literal and even if they were he no longer needed his father’s acceptance and approval resulting in an instant modification of his own behaviour.

Other beliefs may take a little more effort to reprogram however even the most hardcoded blocks can be recoded within 30 – 60 days with the powerful processes that I use to access your subconscious mind. Find out more.

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