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This package is for those who are serious about making profound, permanent changes in their life. This 90 day program incorporates therapy and coaching to propel you forward into the life you dream of. This transformative 90 day package includes

  • Two hour initial consultation to discuss where you currently are with your life and what is holding you back from the life you dream of. We develop an outline for your program to ensure you receive the most transformative experience possible over the 90 days.
  • Three x 2 hour Rapid Transformational Therapy Sessions to discover the sub-conscious blocks that are holding you back & process traumas and suppressed emotions.
  • Personalised recordings to reprogram you’re sub-conscious that you will listen to following each Session .
  • One hour weekly coaching calls in between RTT sessions to keep you moving forward to a life of happiness and fulfillment

    NOTE: All all sessions are conducted via ZOOM Find out more