What personal information is kept

The information that you provide on your Client Intake Form is retained in a secure file. Brief session notes are also kept within your digital file.

Purpose of your personal data

Any information that is stored on your file is used only for the benefit of your therapy. At times however you may be contacted by me via email as a newsletter or to notify you of new or additional services being offered. You can at anytime choose to opt-out from receiving these emails.


All the information that you provide to me on your Intake Form and in every session you undertake or throughout our coaching relationship is kept confidential and will never be disclosed to any third party, other than in the following circumstances:

1. Where you give permission for confidentiality to be broken
2. Where compelled by a court to do so.
3. In circumstances where I feel you may cause harm to yourself or another
4. Where the well-being of a minor is involved

Storage of your personal data

Your file is kept securely on a password protected computer that protected with virus and malware software.

Length your data is kept for

Your file will be deleted 3 years after your last session.